Healthy diversity in our fields and our food
Abbottagra manages the diffusion of innovation along the supply chains of two relatively under-utilized agricultural products: asparagus and quinoa. Much of what we think we know about nutrition is debatable, but not the importance of fresh vegetables and whole grains. Few vegetables are as tasty, practical and nutritious as asparagus, and few grains are as nourishing, as easy to use and as enjoyable to eat as quinoa. Unfortunately, costs of production and distribution are high, so asparagus and quinoa are essentially luxury foods for many people. When compared to more common foods such as broccoli and rice, or green beans and pasta, asparagus and quinoa have a lot of room to grow and become interesting alternatives for everyday meals. The goal of Abbottagra is to make these two products more available and accessible, with greater appeal and lower prices, to the average consumer. The company is built around a 15 hectare experimental farm near Saumur, France, and a network of alliances with farmers, cooperatives, universities, private companies and experts around the world. The founder and manager of the company, Jason Abbott, is an agricultural economist who, through a series of random contacts and life events, became a specialist in asparagus and quinoa, saw the needs and potential of both, and decided to make a significant contribution to their development. His wife Maud handles the administrative and commercial side of the business.